Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Now Available: Mercenary (Kingmakers, Book 3)

I finally have a new release for you! Mercenary (Kingmakers, Book 3) is now available. Mercenary continues the adventures of Coryn, the ex-assassin, and his new love interest, Kai. There’s kidnapping, monsters, magic, some royal relations, the usual dash of romance… and the appearance of someone you might remember if you’ve read my Wytch Kings series.

For Kai McKinnon, the town of Icewood is just another slap in the face. Stranded across the Veil, Earth-born Kai is learning just how ill-prepared he is to survive wilderness, monsters, and magic. The only bright spot in Kai’s life is Coryn, the man he’s coming to care for. But how long will the competent Coryn be willing to put up with Kai’s blundering attempts to learn the skills he needs to stay alive in a world that seems bent on killing him? 


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