Thursday, June 27, 2019

Coming Soon: Ravenfell (Wytch Kings, Book 6)

Ravenfell, book 6 of the Wytch Kings series, is on its way. It tells the story of Prince Jossafir of Ysdrach and Prince Bradin of Miraen, and sets the stage for the final conflict between the Northern Alliance and the Wytch Council. Ravenfell is a fantasy/romance novel of ~90,000 words, and will be available in August.

Prince Jossafir of Ysdrach should have taken the throne after his father’s death, but a Wytch Council experiment gone wrong has left him with a dangerous Wytch power he has no hope of controlling. Declared a monster too dangerous to rule, Joss is locked away, his only visitors those who have been sentenced to death… and him their executioner.

When the Northern Alliance’s dragon army invades, Joss’s brother Wytch King Delrinian is captured, but Joss escapes his prison and joins a band of rebels. Joss’s first task as a member of the rebellion is to identify a highborn Alliance prisoner who may have information about the estate where his brother is being held. To Joss’s shock, he finds Prince Bradin of Miraen, the man he once loved with all his heart, lying in a dirty cell, injured and awaiting interrogation.

Now Joss must make a choice: will he use his deadly Wytch power to aid the rebels’ quest to rescue Delrinian and reclaim the kingdom, or will he turn traitor and save the man who once set his heart on fire?