Monday, May 8, 2017

Closing the Circle - Series Finale - Is Live

Closing the Circle (Guardians of the Pattern, Book 6), the final volume of the Guardians of the Pattern series, is now live at Smashwords and Amazon, and will be coming to other retailers soon.

This book not only marks the end of a series that's been alive in my head for literally decades, but also puts me at over a million words published since I started this journey in 2013. I think I need to celebrate... after I've collapsed in an exhausted heap. This is my favorite of the bunch. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Slave. Assassin. Bodyguard. Draven has played many roles within the notorious Sapphire Guild, but one man has always controlled his destiny. After the man who shaped his world betrays him, Draven exacts his revenge and flees, pinning all his hopes on a promise of sanctuary made long ago.

Director Cameron Asada is responsible for the safety of every psion affiliated with the Institute for Psionic Research. When a vid-clip of a psion destroying an industrial installation goes viral, the citizens of the Federation demand action. With anti-psion sentiment spreading too fast to contain, the last thing Cam needs is for a dangerous figure from his past to show up, drug-addicted, psi-damaged, and seeking to redeem a reckless promise Cam never should have made.

Sheltering Draven could cost Cam everything he’s worked for, but Cam owes the man his life, and Draven might be just what Cam needs to protect his people from an increasingly hostile government. When it becomes clear that it may take more than a job offer to secure Draven’s trust, Cam finds himself walking a dangerous line as he struggles to reconcile his conflicting loyalties. Can Cam be the man Draven needs? Or is everything he’s worked for destined to go up in flames?

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