Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blackfrost is Live!

Today, I'm over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words for the release of Blackfrost, the sequel to Burn the Sky. There's an excerpt, a giveaway of Leythe Blade, and if you'd like to read BJ's awesome review, you can find it here

Blackfrost is Book 2 in my Wytch Kings series, which chronicles the events leading up to the earliest conflicts of the Wytch War. It features Kian, who was an important secondary character in Burn the Sky, and Ambris, an exiled prince of the kingdom of Miraen.

Book Description:
Son of a simple blacksmith, Apprentice Wytch Kian has always known that once his apprenticeship is over, he’ll be sent far from home to serve the Wytch Council. Before his training is even complete, Wytch Master Taretha orders him to Blackfrost, an isolated country estate, where he is to serve as personal healer to Prince Ambris of Miraen.

Nothing at Blackfrost is as Kian expects, and every day brings new questions. Like why is Prince Ambris being kept prisoner in his attic bedroom? Where does Wytch Master Taretha take him every fortnight? And why does the prince return from these excursions suffering from horrific injuries that Kian is expected to heal?

Kian quickly learns that seeking answers to these questions could cost him his life. Worse, he soon finds himself struggling with his growing feelings for Ambris, putting him at odds with both Wytch Master Taretha and the sadistic guard captain, Malik. Can Kian unravel the mystery in time to save Ambris? Or will the prince finally succumb to madness and destroy Blackfrost and everyone in it?

Blackfrost is currently available at All Romance, Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords, and will be coming to other retailers very soon. There's also a print version in the works, but it'll be a few weeks before that goes live.

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