Saturday, May 2, 2015

WIP Excerpt: Leythe Blade

Here's a little taste of Leythe Blade, the M/M fantasy I'm planning to have out by the end of the summer. And check back in a couple of weeks for the cover reveal for Ghost in the Mythe, which will be released in June.

Jace turned around and stalked back to the bedding. He grabbed up his clothing and dressed quickly, hauled on his boots, and buckled on his sword belt.

“Don’t let his sacrifice be for nothing, Jace,” Gwydion’s voice came from behind him, gentle but firm.

Sacrifice?” Jace spun around to face him. “What have you Seen?”

“Nothing clear. Nothing certain. And too many possible futures to have any idea whether or not this course will lead to an outcome we desire.”

“So you chose to let Fate decide,” Jace said bitterly.

“I chose to let Sasha decide. He’s a grown man, Jace, not a child. He can make his own choices. And live with the consequences.”

“Or die by them.”

“Have you so little faith in him?”

“I have little faith that Karn will give up. Or show him any kind of mercy. I’m going after him. I only hope I’m not too late.”

“What of your vow to Arrik?”

Jace narrowed his eyes. “You were quick enough to follow me when I went after him at Cliffwatch.”

“The path was clear to me then. It is… unclear now. Going after Sasha could be the death of us all.”

“What does that even mean?” Jace tugged at his own hair, wanting only to leave this place and hunt down Sasha. He wouldn’t rest easy until he had the man in his arms again.

“It means that it’s more important for us to escape Tallin than it is for us to rescue Sasha. Whether that means Sasha will rescue himself, or whether that means that my role in future events is more important than his, I cannot tell you. All I know for certain is that my gut feeling is that you and I should head for the border as quickly as possible.”

“You,” Jace spat, “are the most manipulative son of a bitch I know.”

Gwydion gave him a pained look. “Believe me, it does not do my heart any good to do this. It feels as if we are abandoning him. But going after him feels worse. I’m sorry I can’t be any more explicit than that. I’ve explained to you before how frustrating the Sight can be.”

Jace closed his eyes in defeat. His heart yearned to go after Sasha, but his duty was to see Gwydion to safety. “Fine. We’ll pack up and be on our way. But the minute I have you safely across the border, I’m heading back here. I’m not leaving him.”