Monday, May 5, 2014

Update, May 2014

Just a few update things:

1. Human Choices, my Love's Landscapes story is finished and turned in to the Love's Landscapes team. I got final edits back this morning, and those have been turned in, too. Final word count is just over 50K. I've beta read stories for three other authors doing the event, and I can tell you, just like last year, there will be some awesome summer reading!

2. Gremlin's Last Run is nearing the halfway mark on the rewrite. Almost 50K out of 100K done there, and then it'll be off to the beta readers to see what they think.

3. New WIP: I'm working on a dragon shifter novel... it was originally written as a novella, but all three of my beta readers said, "You know, Jaye, this really wants to be a novel." Ugh. I can't seem to write anything short, even when I try. The good thing is that it's already outlined and I know the characters. The bad thing? Finding time to write it. I'm planning to get going on it this summer, while Gremlin's Last Run is out with the beta readers.

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