Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stalking the Muse

Next Saturday, November 23, I've been invited to leave the Swamp and travel out into the wilds to visit Cameron D. James' Blog of Writerly Things. I'm a bit nervous about this, as I have no idea what to wear, and I wouldn't want to show up all formal and frilly if this is a casual affair... nor do I want to appear in my tatty old footy pajamas if some modicum of decorum is expected.

And what about headgear? I'm pretty sure my lovely straw hat with the big plastic daisies is a bit out of fashion... ditto for the carpet bag into which I have stuffed most of my worldly possessions, including a map, a compass (perfectly bloody useless, since I can't tell left from right anyway) and my lovely chrome giraffe. As I am both directionally and spatially challenged, I'm quite certain I'll get lost along the way, which will probably necessitate an Embarrassing Rescue of some sort.

Ah, well. I've packed plenty of iron rations and a tent, so it should be all right. I shall just have to gird my loins and do what we all do when faced with uncertainty: keep calm and don't forget to wear clean knickers. Or... something like that. See you guys next Saturday! (Er... and if I don't show up? Could somebody send out a search party? I'll be the pathetic, whimpering heap shivering under the pink tarp...)

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