Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Facing the Mirror is Live!

Facing the Mirror, the free novella which is meant to sort of kick off Guardians of the Pattern (my forthcoming M/M science fiction series), is now live on Smashwords. While this story is not a romance, it introduces some of the characters who appear in the Guardians of the Pattern series. Facing the Mirror tells the story of a pivotal moment in the life of Cameron Asada. The events this story describes are summarized and mentioned several times throughout the series, but never really explained in detail.

Facing the Mirror will be going live on Amazon later today or tomorrow, but unfortunately, it won't be free over there until it's price-matched. It should also trickle through to all the Smashwords retail partners by Christmas. I'll add download links to this post and to the book page as they become available.

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