Thursday, April 11, 2013

When Characters Misbehave

I was all set to write this morning.

Except that there was snow to shovel so I could get the car out of the driveway in order to do the Mandatory Grocery Shopping. And there was the biweekly Scaling of Mt. Laundry, and the Cooking of Dinner. Oh, yeah, and the lifting of weights (boring), and the making of chai and baking of bread and untangling of the socks from the jeans (if they had any idea how much that pisses me off...)

And then, after chores and lunch and mandatory Morning Phone Call to Parents, then there was writing.

I figured I had a good four hours before I had the pick the kids up from anime club.

So I fired up Pyglet (the laptop. No, it isn't pink, but it's really cute, and constantly insists that it's a Very Small Animal), opened up Scrivener and grabbed my story, all ready to start.

Oh. Yeah. Sex scene today. That is where I left off yesterday, isn't it?

Okay, no problem—it's quiet, I got four hours, we'll just get this thing done.

So I yell at Nick and Vaya (main characters of book 5 of the series and the stars of said sex scene), "Okay, dudes, we got four hours, let's do this thing."

And they looked at me.

And I looked at them.

And they looked at each other.

And Nick shuffled his feet and batted those pretty green eyes at me and said, "Yeah, about that... we were thinking maybe we could just sit around and play cards instead?"

So, yeah. That’s about how that went.

And I didn’t even win at cards.

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