Guardians of the Pattern

Guardians of the Pattern is a science fiction series in which the line between science and magic blurs. In the galaxy-spanning Federation, psions are still fighting for basic human rights. Some worlds adopt a live-and-let-live policy, but on others, psions are hunted down and murdered because the public fears their psychic talents. When ancient weapons of mass destruction are unearthed on a planet populated by primitive nomads who still believe in magic, psions may be the Federation's only hope for survival.

Can the people of these two very different cultures come together to prevent disaster? Or will the Federation's hunger for power trigger a psionic chain-reaction that has the potential to threaten all of humanity?

Each novel in the series features adventure and romance for a different couple.

The Complete Series (in chronological order)
Prequel: Facing the Mirror (short story)
Book 1: Psi Hunter (novel)
Book 2: Gremlin's Last Run (novel)
Book 3: Ghost in the Mythe (novel)
Book 4: Wildfire Psi (novel)
Book 5: Eye of the Storm (novel)
Book 6: Closing the Circle (novel)
Guardians of the Pattern Bundle, Vol. 1 (Books 1-3)
Guardians of the Pattern Bundle, Vol. 2 (Books 4-6)

Guardians of the Leythe

Guardians of the Leythe is a series of loosely connected fantasy romance stories all taking place in the same world. The series starts with Human Frailties, Human Strengths, which introduces Ash, a god-in-exile and Tor, his human companion. Other books in the series stand alone, but focus on events crucial to Ash and Tor’s continuing struggle to restore the balance of the leythe. Human Frailties, Human Strengths is a good place to start, but the stories could be read in any order. The books are listed here in the order in which they were written.

The Series (in chronological order)
Book 1: Human Frailties, Human Strengths (novel)
Book 2: Human Choices (short novel)

Wytch Kings

Prelude to the Wytch War... In Skanda, the Wytch Kings are bound to obey the corrupt, power-hungry Wytch Council. After centuries of bowing to Council's will, the Wytch Kings are restless. Some have begun to openly defy the Council. In the tiny kingdom of Altan, Wytch King Dane has planted the seeds of rebellion in the hearts and minds of both of his sons. Now, a simple issue of succession may be all it takes to stir the smouldering flames of resentment into a conflict that could engulf all of Skanda.

The Series (in chronological order)
Book 1: Burn the Sky (novel)
Book 2: Blackfrost (novel)
Book 3: Shadowspire (novel)
Book 4: Dragonwatch (novel)

Book Descriptions

Guardians of the Pattern

Prequel: Facing the Mirror

Short Story - 17,550 words (~53 pages)
Genre - Science Fiction
Publication Date - 20 November, 2013

Special Agent Cameron Asada has spent four years deep undercover in an attempt to deal a death blow to the Sapphire Guild, the largest drug cartel on Alpha. The things he's done in the name of his mission weigh heavily on his soul, and Cam is reaching the point where he's not sure he recognizes the man he sees in the mirror anymore.

Things come to a head when Cam finally gets the break he's been waiting for: an invitation to work for the boss himself as a psionic interrogator. While working at the boss's estate, Cam meets Miko, a powerful psion trapped behind a wall of silence. It doesn't take long for Cam to realize that Miko is a slave, handed around to the boss's associates as a reward for a job well done.

Miko's plight tugs at Cam's heartstrings, forcing Cam to examine just how many lines he's willing to cross in the name of serving the greater good. Will Cam risk his life and his career to help Miko? Or is the trail of broken minds and bodies he's left in his wake worth the possibility of victory over the Guild?

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Book 1: Psi Hunter

Novel - 101,000 words (~306 pages)
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 1 March, 2014

In a future where humanity has spread out among the stars, those few possessing psychic abilities are looked upon with suspicion at best and murderous intent at worst.

On Aurora, one of the more tolerant worlds of the Federation, Pat Cottrell works for Federation Security as a psi hunter, tracking down and neutralizing dangerous psi criminals.

Kyn Valdari works for the Institute for Psionic Research, running search and rescue operations, in which psions in distress are offered the chance to learn how to control psychic abilities that can threaten sanity and ruin lives.

Kyn and Pat used to be best friends, closer than brothers. Three years ago, one passionate night that never should have happened left both of them shocked, confused, and desperately wanting more.

They haven’t spoken since.

Now, the silence between them must be broken. Kyn and Pat have been ordered to investigate a string of murders that may have been committed by a psion powerful enough to kill with a thought. In order to succeed, they will have to work together to save an abused, traumatized young psion from being taken advantage of by the very organization that is supposed to save him.

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Book 2: Gremlin's Last Run

Novel - ~100,000 words (~300 pages)
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 20 October, 2014

Rhys Tyler, captain of the Gremlin, is no stranger to living on the edge: the edge of solvent; the edge of legal; the edge of sane.

An empath so sensitive that he cannot bear human touch, Rhys makes his living hauling cargo through the deep dark, the interstellar emptiness between populated star systems. And if keeping his aging freighter in working order means resorting to smuggling, well, a man does what he has to in order to survive.

Alek McKinnon is a Federation agent in trouble. Everything that could have gone wrong with his latest mission has. He's been ambushed, kidnapped, imprisoned, and forced to participate in an illegal experiment that has crippled his psi and left him bonded to an ancient artifact that has already proved itself deadly.

When Alek stows away aboard the Gremlin, all he's looking for is a way home so he can report to his superiors. He's not expecting to find a psion in desperate need of training. And he's sure as hell not expecting to fall in love.

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Book 3: Ghost in the Mythe

Novel - ~104,000 words (~320 pages)
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 7 June, 2015

Miko Asada does not belong in the human world, not since the jump drive accident that warped him into something other. Fragile, beautiful, and silent, Miko remains an enigma, even to those who know him best.

Ajhani Guardian Tarrin Rhivana no longer belongs on the world of his birth. Exiled for choosing his clan’s safety over the sanctity of human life, Tarrin attempts to escape aboard a ship belonging to the Sky People who have invaded his world.

When Tarrin’s ignorance of Federation technology threatens his sanity and his life, he is saved by a beautiful ghost, and brought to the Institute for Psionic Research. There, he meets Miko and learns that one of the Sky People has bonded to one of the ancient artifacts his people are sworn to protect.

As a Guardian, it is Tarrin’s duty to return to his clan and convince them of the danger the Sky People represent. But his fellow Guardians will kill an exile on sight, and Miko may be the only one who can prevent them from executing Tarrin before he can deliver his warning.

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Guardians of the Pattern Bundle Vol. 1
(Guardians of the Pattern, Books 1-3)

Bundle - ~320,000 words
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 11 December, 2015

Facing the Mirror (Prequel): When undercover agent Cameron Asada meets Miko, a psychic slave kept by the drug lord Cameron is investigating, he starts to question his mission priorities. The choice is clear: complete the mission or help Miko. Neither option is easy, but only one will allow Cameron to face himself in the mirror.

Psi Hunter (Book 1): Sparks fly when ex-lovers Kyn Valdari and Pat Cottrell are ordered to team up on a murder investigation. When they discover an abused, traumatized young psion powerful enough to kill with a thought, they must work together to protect him from being enslaved by the very organization that is supposed to save him.

Gremlin’s Last Run (Book 2): When independent freighter captain Rhys Tyler finds Alek McKinnon hiding in his cargo hold, he has a choice to make: help a wounded Federation agent escape from his captors, or shove him out the air lock. One look at Alek’s pretty brown eyes is all it takes to convince Rhys to take a chance on the man. Now they’re both on the run from a shady organization that wants Alek back at any cost.

Ghost in the Mythe (Book 3): Exiled from his home world, Tarrin Rhivana stows away on a Federation ship, and finds himself lost in the terrifying place-between-worlds where jump ships navigate. There he meets a beautiful ghost who might be the only one who can help Tarrin save his world from outside forces that would strip it bare.

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Book 4: Wildfire Psi

Novel - ~105,000 words
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 27 January, 2016

Things are finally going well for Luka Valdari. He’s found a home and family at the Institute for Psionic Research, and he has a job he loves. When a training mission takes him back to the streets of downside Riga, he’s got plenty of reason to be uneasy; and when a psionic cry for help leads him to a nightmare from his past, Luka’s ready to bolt.

Things are not going so well for Damon Korsov. He’s got voices in his head, a hole in his memory, and strange dreams that may or may not be glimpses of his past. The one man who might hold the key to Damon’s past is the one man he can never ask. Because somehow, Luka knows Damon, and it’s clear to Damon that Luka hates him.

Unwilling to expose anyone else to the danger Damon represents, Luka volunteers to train him. He wants to hate Damon, but instead finds himself fascinated. Before they get a chance to sort things out between them, the two men are thrown into the middle of a terrifying plot that puts every human life in the galaxy at risk. Can Luka and Damon confront both of their pasts and work together to prevent disaster? Or will all the human worlds burn in the flames of wildfire psi?

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Book 5: Eye of the Storm

Novel - ~90,000 words (~270 pages)
Genre - Sci Fi/Romance
Publication Date - 3 September, 2016

Wealthy playboy Nick Romani is a trouble-magnet. When the local news net obtains compromising pictures of him with a prominent politician’s married son, Nick’s exasperated father exiles him to a remote research facility until the scandal dies down. When Nick learns what kind of research he’s expected to do, he balks. Instead of obeying his father’s orders, he heads out alone into the wilderness.

Ajhani Guardian Vaya Rhivana has chosen exile over a slow death by the drug that binds his uncontrollable power over the mythe. Before Vaya finds the strength to leave his clan, his sister’s son is kidnapped by the Sky People. Heartbroken, but too weak and sick to help rescue his nephew, Vaya heads off into the mountains, not expecting to return.

When a storm dumps an injured Nick at Vaya’s feet, Vaya’s first thought is to kill him. Only a whisper of prophecy stays his hand. An uneasy bargain is struck, and as the two exiles journey through the dangerous wilderness, Vaya finds his feelings for Nick slowly changing. Can Vaya keep his promise to Nick and see the bargain through? Or will the power he struggles to control destroy both himself and the man he’s beginning to love?

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Series Finale: Book 6: Closing the Circle

Novel - ~120,000 words (~370 pages)
Genre - Sci Fi/Romance
Publication Date - 8 May, 2017

Slave. Assassin. Bodyguard. Draven has played many roles within the notorious Sapphire Guild, but one man has always controlled his destiny. After the man who shaped his world betrays him, Draven exacts his revenge and flees, pinning all his hopes on a promise of sanctuary made long ago.

Director Cameron Asada is responsible for the safety of every psion affiliated with the Institute for Psionic Research. When a vid-clip of a psion destroying an industrial installation goes viral, the citizens of the Federation demand action. With anti-psion sentiment spreading too fast to contain, the last thing Cam needs is for a dangerous figure from his past to show up, drug-addicted, psi-damaged, and seeking to redeem a reckless promise Cam never should have made.

Sheltering Draven could cost Cam everything he’s worked for, but Cam owes the man his life, and Draven might be just what Cam needs to protect his people from an increasingly hostile government. When it becomes clear that it may take more than a job offer to secure Draven’s trust, Cam finds himself walking a dangerous line as he struggles to reconcile his conflicting loyalties. Can Cam be the man Draven needs? Or is everything he’s worked for destined to go up in flames?

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Guardians of the Pattern Bundle Vol. 2
(Guardians of the Pattern, Books 4-6)

Bundle - ~313,000 words
Genre - Science Fiction/Romance
Publication Date - 3 December, 2017

Wildfire Psi (Book 4): When Luka Valdari and Damon Korsov find themselves at the center of an attempt to activate a dangerous artifact, they’ll have to confront more than just their captors. Can they overcome a dark, shared history and work together? Or will all the human worlds burn in the flames of wildfire psi?

Eye of the Storm (Book 5): When Ajhani exile Vaya Rhivana saves the life of wealthy Federation playboy Nick Romani, he thinks he has all the bargaining power he needs to negotiate the return of his kidnapped clansmen. Falling in love with his hostage was never part of the plan, and in the end, Vaya’s choices could change the fate of his entire world.

Closing the Circle (Book 6): With anti-psion sentiment spreading through the Federation like wildfire, Director Cameron Asada has some tough decisions to make. The last thing he needs is for Draven, a Guild assassin on the run, to show up hoping to redeem Cam’s promise of sanctuary. Can Cam reconcile his conflicting loyalties? Or is everything he’s worked for destined to go up in flames?

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Guardians of the Leythe

Book 1: Human Frailties, Human Strengths

Novel - 90,500 words (~272 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Erotic Romance
Publication Date - 30 September, 2013

What do a god in exile and a goth geek from Nowhere, Minnesota have in common?

Not a damn thing.

Ashnavayarian is a god in exile, condemned by the Dragon Mother to live as a lowly human. The only way to appease the goddess and earn back his place at her side is to learn compassion — or bypass her entirely by raising the power to break his exile.

Tor MacAran is stuck in a dead-end job in a tiny town that’s barely on the map. He’s been alone and hurting all his life, and he’s about ready to end his pain by whatever means he can.

When a Halloween encounter dumps Tor at Ash’s feet, the two men find themselves tied together by the Dragon Mother in a way that neither can escape. Can Tor teach Ash what it really means to be human? Or will Ash’s bid for freedom destroy Tor and plunge the Westlands into a war no one can win?

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Book 2: Human Choices

Short Novel - ~50,000 words (~155 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Publication Date - 7 June, 2014

Khy is a prisoner and a slave. His life consists of days of drudgery and nights of agony. He has no memory of anything else, yet he knows there must be more beyond the fog that shrouds his mind. When his Master is called away on urgent business and Khy is left alone, a moment of unexpected clarity has him running for freedom.

Jaedin is done running, both from war in the north and from his lover’s tragic death. He’s settled in the tiny village of Rosefire, and has finally achieved an uneasy truce with his grief.

Jaedin’s hard-won peace is shattered when he places himself between Khy and the band of brigands hunting him. During the scuffle, Khy panics and works the leythe to set loose a spell. When the dust settles, Khy has fled and Jaedin finds himself haunted by something far darker than his own past.

In order to regain his peace—and his sanity—Jaedin sets off in search of the young man who has cursed him. What he finds threatens not only his own personal equilibrium, but the balance of the leythe itself.

To protect the leythe, Khy must face his tormentor and fight to free himself from the man who considers him both pawn and prize. To protect the man he loves, he must do it alone…

Note: Human Choices is a stand-alone story that takes place in the same world as Human Frailties, Human Strengths.

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Wytch Kings

Book 1: Burn the Sky

Novel - ~65,000 words (~200 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Publication Date - 11 January, 2015

Prince Garrik is the Heir Presumptive of Altan, next in line to be crowned Wytch King. There’s only one problem: in order for Garrik to be crowned, he must possess Wytch power of his own, and thus far, whatever power Garrik might possess has shown no sign of awakening. As things stand, it is Garrik’s younger brother, Jaire — a dreamer completely unsuited to wear the crown — who will take the throne after their father.

Concerned about the future of his kingdom, the Wytch King demands that Garrik’s power be forcibly awakened. Hoping to protect his brother from the burden of rule, Garrik allows the attempt — with disastrous results. Now, Garrik must learn to control the fiery dragon that rages within him before he destroys everything he loves.

Wytch Master Ilya has been alone for years. Learning to control the icy beast slumbering within him has already cost him his family and his lover, and Ilya will never open himself up to that kind of pain again. Summoned to Altan to avert disaster if he can, Ilya has no intention of allowing anyone to thaw the ice in his heart. When he meets Prince Garrik, sparks fly, and Ilya finds himself fighting feelings he thought he'd buried, long ago.

Can Garrik’s fire melt Ilya’s icy heart? Or will Ilya be forced to use his ice to quench the flames that burn within Garrik once and for all?

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Book 2: Blackfrost

Novel - ~63,000 words (~194 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Publication Date - 1 May, 2016

Son of a simple blacksmith, Apprentice Wytch Kian has always known that once his apprenticeship is over, he’ll be sent far from home to serve the Wytch Council. Before his training is even complete, Wytch Master Taretha orders him to Blackfrost, an isolated country estate, where he is to serve as personal healer to Prince Ambris of Miraen.

Nothing at Blackfrost is as Kian expects, and every day brings new questions. Like why is Prince Ambris being kept prisoner in his attic bedroom? Where does Wytch Master Taretha take him every fortnight? And why does the prince return from these excursions suffering from horrific injuries that Kian is expected to heal?

Kian quickly learns that seeking answers to these questions could cost him his life. Worse, he soon finds himself struggling with his growing feelings for Ambris, putting him at odds with both Wytch Master Taretha and the sadistic guard captain, Malik. Can Kian unravel the mystery in time to save Ambris? Or will the prince finally succumb to madness and destroy Blackfrost and everyone in it?

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Book 3: Shadowspire

Novel - ~79,000 words (~234 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Publication Date - 14 January, 2017

Shy and bookish Prince Jaire of Altan is not particularly enthralled with the idea of marrying the simpering Lady Bria of Irilan, but Altan needs to renew its ties with the neighboring kingdom. For the sake of the alliance, Jaire is willing to do his duty, even if he would much rather marry a prince.

Sole survivor of the massacre now called the Irilan Rebellion, Prince Vayne of Irilan disappeared so long ago, no one even remembers his name. Trapped in the mythe to protect a secret that could change the balance of power in Skanda, Vayne has been fighting to retain his sanity for centuries.

When Jaire sees the ghost of a handsome young man dressed in fashions centuries old, he fears he might be losing his mind. But the ghost proves to be far more than a restless spirit, and might just hold the key to Altan’s future, as well as the key to Jaire’s heart.

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Book 4: Dragonwatch

Novel - ~94,000 words (~288 pages)
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Publication Date - 5 September, 2017

The balance of power in Skanda is about to shift…

Beautiful, broken Tristin of Ysdrach would rather hide in his dragon form than live with a Wytch power that forces him to feel the pain of the past in every object he touches. Struggling to come to terms with a future he never believed he’d have, Tristin needs a reason not to surrender to the beast within.

Without Wytch power, Prince Mikhyal of Rhiva is not qualified to be his father’s heir, but newly discovered knowledge possessed by Rhiva’s allies could change that. On their journey to a secret negotiation that could shift the balance of power in Skanda, Mikhyal and his father are attacked, and Mikhyal is left bonded to an ancient sword with a mission, an attitude, and a penchant for blackberry tarts.

Even with the distractions of a royal betrothal ceremony, an enemy striking from the shadows, and the complex negotiations of alliance and rebellion, the painfully shy Tristin still manages to catch Mikhyal’s eye. The two men barely have time to acknowledge their mutual attraction before an attempt is made to end the line of Rhiva.

Can Tristin and Mikhyal get to the bottom of the plot? Or will the Northern Alliance be torn apart before the ink on the treaty is dry?

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