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(Kingmakers, Book 1)

Novel - ~69,000 words
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Available - March, 2018

A street rat taken in by the infamous Khalshir Guild and ruthlessly trained as a spy and assassin, Rio thinks he’s ready for anything. When he balks at performing his first assassination, his mentor is furious, but gives him a chance to redeem himself: a simple bodyguard assignment, protecting the son of a high-ranking noble.

Second son of one of the most successful businessmen in the kingdom of Tallin, Dani Jherek never expected to become his father’s heir. After a suspicious accident leaves his twin dead, a grief-stricken Dani finds himself struggling not only to fill his brother’s shoes, but to protect a dangerous secret that, if revealed, could mean his execution.

Guarding Dani turns out to be far from simple. Instead of a spoiled, pampered brat, Rio finds himself watching over a beautiful, miserable young man struggling to survive in a dangerous world he doesn’t understand. As Rio spends more time with Dani, he finds himself caught up in a tangled web of conflicting loyalties. When Dani learns the true nature of his father’s business, everything changes, and Rio is forced to make an impossible choice: his loyalty to Guild and family, or his growing feelings for his charge.

(Wytch Kings, Book 5)

Novel - ? words
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Available - Mid-to-late 2018

Prince Shaine of Rhiva has spent the last year enslaved by Rhiva’s Royal Wytch Master, forced to do all he can to destroy his father’s efforts to free Rhiva from Wytch Council rule. Newly released from his bondage, Shaine now strives to prove that he can be trusted. Burdened by guilt and shame, but determined to help the Northern Alliance win the coming war against the Wytch Council, Shaine ventures into the Iceshards to investigate an ancient ruin which may contain a hidden cache of powerful weapons.

Vorri is one of the few remaining members of an exiled tribe who still retains the power of the shift. As the last surviving son of the royal bloodline, he is destined to lead his people, but by the time that happens, there may not be any people left to lead. One by one, his tribe-mates are disappearing, and the evidence points to the human lands to the south. Having no other choice, Vorri sets out to find his missing tribe-mates.

When a terrible storm drives Shaine and Vorri to seek shelter in the same place, they form an uneasy truce and in doing so, discover a common purpose. Can they overcome their differences long enough to solve the mystery of Vorri’s dwindling tribe and save his people?