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(Wytch Kings, Book 4)

Novel - ~80,000 words
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Available - Fall, 2017

The balance of power in Skanda is about to shift…

Tristin of Ysdrach would rather hide in his dragon form than live with a Wytch power that forces him to experience the fear and violence of the past. Struggling to come to terms with a future he never thought he’d have, Tristin fights the urge to surrender to the beast within.

Prince Mikhyal of Rhiva is not qualified to be his father’s heir, but secret knowledge possessed by Rhiva’s allies may change that. On his journey to a negotiation that could shift the balance of power in Skanda, Mikhyal and his father, Wytch King Drannik, are attacked, and Mikhyal is left fighting for his life and his sanity.

During his recovery, Mikhyal meets the shy but intriguing Tristin, a man who has lost years of his life to the Wytch Council’s machinations. The two men barely have a chance to acknowledge the spark of attraction between them before another attempt is made on the Wytch King’s life.

Can Tristin and Mikhyal get to the bottom of the plot? Or will the fledgling Northern Alliance fall apart before it has a chance to free the kingdoms of the north from the Wytch Council’s ever-tightening grip?